SHEIN Canada Review & Haul – My Honest Opinion

Hi Friends, This week’s blog will be on a famous, affordable online clothes retailer: I’m sharing with you my Shein Canada Review & Haul.

Shein is well known in the blogosphere. Browsing youtube, you will find a ton of video and hauls.

If you didn’t know already, Shein is a Chinese website. Most of the clothes are inexpensive even cheap on the Shein website! However, some categories, like sweaters, seem to have similar prices to Forever 21.

Coupons codes are very easy to find on the internet. They also always have sales and codes going on.

This is the second time I ordered from them. The first time, the clothes were bought for my little sister. She is a teenager, and seemed to enjoy what I got her! Since I didn’t try the items myself, I can’t talk about the quality though.

I decided to place an order after seeing some inexpensive dresses. I live in Canada, Montreal. Our choices for fashion are quite small. This fall, I want to experiment with dresses. I always loved skirts for fall but never got a dress that caught my eyes. Plus, my mum got me a ton of cute, original tights from the thrift store. So, I had to get some dresses. I had an image of what I wanted and got the idea to browse through Shein.


Before I get to the review, here is some information you need to know before ordering:

The Shipping Cost:

For Canada, the Shein shipping is free for orders over 65$ and 6.60$ for order less than 60$. The delay is between 2 and 12 days.

They offer express shipping for orders over 126$. It’s 26$ for orders less than 126$. The delay is between 4 and 7 days.

My Shein Canada Review and Experience:

The shipping:

I ordered initially for 16O$ and got a 20% off using the code FARINA20 (an American Youtuber). So my total ended up being 130$. I got automatically upgraded to Express Shipping. My order arrived in 5 days. The big issue was that I got to pay duties: 30$. Before ordering, I checked the FAQ section and noticed that no duties would be charged. Here is a link to the FAQ.

I contacted the customer service, and they said that since I choose express shipping, duties could be applied. The refund offered to me was only 15$.

What a disappointment! I hate false advertising.

One, It wasn’t written anywhere that if we choose express shipping over regular, we would be charged for duties. Two, the express shipping is automatically set when you spend a certain amount. So, how was I suppose to know that express shipping is not the same as regular shipping?

To be frank, I was put off by that! For this reason, I don’t think I will be ordering again from the website. I’m in the e-commerce industry, and I perfectly understand policies. I respect companies who present their conditions clearly. I know that if I don’t like a product, I will have to pay for the return. But for me, this is just a lie and false advertising!

Defect item:

I ordered a coat which arrived defected. The zipper doesn’t open and gets stuck. I contacted them;


I advise you only to buy rated items to avoid any disappointment!


Let’s get to the Haul and the actual clothing review:

The first item I got was the jacket. I can’t give you a review on it since the zipper was broken.

The second item was this camel suede skirt. The skirt is cute on, nothing wow. The material is thin. I wanted a camel skirt, but the one I found was 40$ at Zara. And I was not willing to spend that much. I will be wearing it. I got it for 12.82$.

The 4 last items were dresses!

I got a simple blue turtleneck dress for 10.67$. The fit of this dress is super cute. I can imagine it paired with my new khaki over the knee boots. The only downside to this dress is the material. It’s a bit shiny and heavy. Not very breathable. I’m still going to wear it.

The second dress is a blue tie neck floral dress. It’s my favourite. The fit is great; the material is soft. I love it. It cost 21$. It can be short for some, but I don’t mind.

The third is a fit and flare simple black dress that cost 12$. The material is nicer than the blue turtleneck dress. It’s soft, heavy in a good way, very breathable. You can wear it alone or with a cute belt. The perfect quick everyday outfit.

The last dress was 27$. It’s a maroon frilled wrap dress with little stars. I was inspired to get the dress by a British Blogger Amelia Liana. She is so cute and wear a lot of frilled dresses. It looks great on her, and she is petite like me. So I thought it would be the perfect occasion for me to test it. Before trying it on, I was septic. However, It ended up being cute. The only critic I have is that it’s big in the shoulder. I will maybe try to stitch it. The fact that it’s big on the shoulder, the top kind of fall down and makes it low V. This dress will maybe be a little revealing for larger breasts.



I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think about the pieces that I got!

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