My favourite Lipsticks: Makeup Revolution, Morphe Brushes …


Hi guys, welcome back! This blog post will be on my favourite lipsticks: formulas and colours.

When I first started being into makeup, I didn’t really care about lipstick. It was the last thing I thought about and didn’t even bother applying any.

Now, I’m addicted! Lipstick can change your final look. It has the same effect as a blush by giving you a healthy-looking face instantly.

I love it!

Most of the time, I gravitate toward marroon lipsticks. It’s my new obsession! 🙂 Marrons are very on trend and go with everything. Red lipstick is a must. There is something sophisticated about red lips.

With Fall and Winter coming, my attraction to dark plummy colours grows!

My favourite Lipsticks:

  • Makeup revolution Renaissance LipsticksI’ve been obsessed with the Makeup revolution Renaissance Lipsticks from the moment we got them at Orabel. They have a delicious vanilla scent and are very comfortable to wear. The lipsticks go on smooth and are hydrating. The colours are beautiful. Mixing 2 shades is pretty easy and gives you a pretty personalized tone.
My favourite lipsticks - Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipstick
From Right To Left: Luxe – Restore – Rebirth – Awaken – Prime – Vow – Lifelong

I love the maroons and reds in this range. They are the perfect everyday lipsticks!

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipstick in Luxe
Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipstick in Luxe
  • Makeup Revolution The Soph Nude lipsticks: These were a game changer for me! I used to hate nude lipsticks. Some of them can give you a washout effect. What I like about these is the undertone. Each one of them has a tone. Cake is a pinky nude. Syrup is a nude with a bit of light brown. Fudge is a brown nude. The 3 look gorgeous on!
Makeup Revolution Soph Nude Lipsticks
I mixed The Makeup Revolution Soph Nude Lipsticks in Syrup and Fudge
  • Morphe Brushes Liquid Lipsticks: The Morphe Liquid Lipsticks are surprisingly comfortable for liquid lipsticks! They have a high staying power even after eating! You can get away with at least 5 hours wear without touch ups.
Morphe Brushes Liquid Lipsticks
From Top to Bottom: Unsettled – Jealousy – Phatty – Peanut

I just want to mention quickly the Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Crème  in Pure Mattness that I absolutely love. It’s a metallic plum/maroon. Gorgeous!

My favourite Lipsticks Milani and Makeup Revolution
From Top to Bottom: Milani, Makeup Revolution Soph Nude lipsticks Cake, Fudge and Syrup

Voilà, I hope you enjoyed this short blog post on my favourite lipsticks!




2 thoughts on “My favourite Lipsticks: Makeup Revolution, Morphe Brushes …

  1. Great post! I love Milani lipsticks. They are so beautiful. Have you tried Maybelline’s Superstay Matte Ink Lipstick? I think you’d like it!


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