Frugal Living, Products I Don’t Buy Anymore!

Hi friends, this blog post will be on a Frugal Living. I’m sharing with you products I don’t buy any more in the beauty, kitchen and house department!

One of my 2018’s resolution was to try to consume less. Reduce not only my waste but also consumer products.

It’s surely not a natural process and demand some adjustments and will :). A couple of changes that I would be mentioning were straightforward to achieve since I begin doing them a couple of years ago already. Some, on the other hand, was not an easy task.


Frugal Way Of Living, Products I don’t buy anymore!

Let’s start with the beauty:

  1. Makeup Remover: 2018 is my second year without makeup remover. At first, I was looking for effective products to remove my eye makeup efficiently. I always had a problem with that. Then, I discovered Coconut Oil and never repurchased a makeup remover. It’s simply perfect! It removes all your makeup, eye and face. To prevent the greasy feeling, I spray a cotton pad with floral water ( rose or orange blossom), and always I wash my face with soap after (which I do anyway).
  2. Face Wash: As you may know, I had oily/combo skin and struggled with oily face and imperfections. I tried many face washes, expensive and cheap but never found a favourite. A couple of years ago, I started to switch gradually to a more natural skincare routine and discovered bar soaps from the brand The Soap Works. I love them. They have different types of different skin types and needs. A bar soap costs 2.20$ for 110g. It will last you a couple of months or even more!
  3. Cotton Pads: This item was tough to replace. To be honest, I still buy it from time to time for nail polish removing. But my consumption has majorly diminished since I discovered washable makeup removing clothes. This product is revolutionary. You just have to wet the cloth and rub your skin with it. I talked about it in detail in a haul. So now, I have 2 more natural and ecological ways to remove my makeup: Coconut oils and makeup removing cloth.
  4. Face Toner: I was introduced to floral water at the same time as essential oils a couple of years ago. Floral waters have amazing properties with a bonus to be 100% natural. No filler agent, no chemicals. These waters have been in my skincare routine for 2 years, and my skin has never been clear. I use them to remove my makeup as mentioned above. But also as a toner. A few sprays after cleaning my face and before moisturizing, that’s it! I’ve been suffering from eye allergies. Lavender and blueberry waters are my favourite for sensitive eyes. I also use orange blossom and rose waters that my mum gave me from Tunisia. The best!

Coconut Oil


  1. Floor cleaner: I replaced my chemical floor cleaner with vinegar and essential oil. It works perfectly fine. I add maybe 3 tbs of vinegar and 6 drops of lemon essential oil. Lemon, lemongrass, pine and lavender have amazing antimicrobial properties.
Lemon Essential Oil - Frugal Living, Products I Don't Buy Anymore!
Lemon Essential Oil
Lemongrass Essential Oil
Lemongrass Essential Oil

I have a full blog post on my favourite Oils and Essential Oils! 😉

Now let switch to kitchen and food:

  1. Paper Towel: This is one of the 3 things that I stopped buying with face wash and makeup remover. I noticed that we waist a lot of paper towel. I decided to switch to microfiber cloths. My favourite is ones are from the dollar store. A pack of 4 for 3$. I just keep a box of napkins for when I have guests! And that’s enough!
  2. Burger Buns: Industrial burger buns are awful! Browsing through Pinterest, I decided to try a recipe by myself. It was a win. My husband loved the buns! Here is the burger bun recipe.

Hope you enjoyed,




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