Amazon & Walmart Online Shopping + Ikea in-store shopping

Hello friends! I have an Amazon & Walmart Online Shopping and an Ikea in-store shopping for you this week! I’ve accumulated this past couple of months few things that I needed for the house and work. And I also got a couple of beauty products that I wanted to try for a long time!


Keep reading for my Amazon & Walmart Online Shopping, Ikea in-store shopping!


Let’s start with Ikea:

Last time I went to Ikea was probably 2 years ago! Ikea is great for getting affordable furniture and home accessories. But let’s be real:

  1. It’s a bit overwhelming going there. A lot of products are displayed. It can be hard to find what you are looking for, especially in the kitchen accessory section.
  2. The temptation is great. You better be self-disciplined. My advice is to have a predefined budget.

So I got:

  • A Mattress Cover, the cheapest one for a queen bed. Less than 20$.
  • Orthopedic Pillow. I’ve had neck and shoulder problems, tendinitis. My physiotherapist advised me to get one at Ikea. The pillow is reasonably priced and effective. Less than 20$.
  • 2 Sets of Cultery for 6$ each.
  • A Retractable Silicone Strainer; Very practical!

From Amazon I got:

  • A Laptop Holder. I work a lot on my laptop.  My physiotherapist told me that my tendinitis came from my bad posture. I’m trying to correct my setting/working position. This laptop holder is great! It is adjustable at different levels, so it makes it super convenient! Perfect for when you put your laptop on your table or lap!
  • A Callus Remover. My feet are in such bad shape. It’s horrible and disgusting. I think it’s hereditary to have dry feet and callus. The product worked pretty well. I will put the name of the brand on the bottom of the picture along with the price. It was pretty inexpensive. (Unfortunately, it not available anymore!)
  • A Makeup Removing Cloth. I’m trying to be more respectful of the environment. One of the things that I wanted to try is these makeup removing clothes. The idea seemed terrific and promising! It didn’t disappoint and worked like a dream. I was shocked!
Amazon Online Shopping Callus Remover
Grace & Stella Co under 20$

As you can see in the picture, it took all my makeup off without any problem. The pack comes with 4 colour clothes. It’s such a great purchase!

Amazon Online Shopping Makeup Removing Cloth

From Walmart I got (beauty and kitchen articles):

  • 2 Essie Polishes: one regular and one gel couture. Bikini So Teeny is a gorgeous light blue. Take A Walk is bright neon green. Both are adorable. I’m surprised to like them since I prefer OPI’s nail polishes to Essie’s usually. My sister in law got me nail polishes from the L’Oreal sale. I noticed a quality difference. Maybe the ones from the sale are older. You will need 3 layers for Taking A Walk and 2 for Bikini So Teeny.

Walmart Online Shopping Essie Bikini So Teeny

PS: We got the new Concealers from Makeup revolution at Orabel: Conceal & Define Concealer! I already did a review and it’s amazing!

  • The Maybelline Fit Me Loose Powder in the shade Light/Léger. I intended to use it for my under eyes and was very disappointed. The light is so dark! I have a tan going on and the colour suits better my face. It’s impossible to use to set under the eyes. I used it only twice.
  • 2 Rubbermaid fresh works produce saver. It’s a pleasant discovery of mine. It works wonderfully! It supposes to keep your vegetables, salads, tomatoes and herbs fresh longer. The promise is kept! I took photos after 2 and 3 weeks, and the results are astonishing! I bought one for my salads and one for my herbs!
Walmart Online Shopping Rubbermaid Fresh Works Food Saver
3 Weeks old salad
Walmart Online Shopping Rubbermaid Fresh Works Food Saver
2 Weeks old salad
Walmart Online Shopping Rubbermaid fresh works food saver
Rubbermaid fresh works food saver Between 10$ and 15$


This is what I got this couple of past months. A majority of necessities plus a couple of treats! 🙂

My 2 best discoveries have to be the Makeup removing cloth, and the Rubbermaid fresh works produce savers.

Let me know if you tried any of these products! I would love to know your opinions.

If you love haul, grocery shopping and Walmart, check out my Walmart grocery pickup Review!


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