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Walmart Grocery Pickup Review!

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Hello friends,

I’m back with a Walmart Grocery Pickup Review!

I was so excited when I discovered, a couple of months ago, that Walmart had a new pickup and delivery service.

You can order your groceries Online and :

  • Schedule a pickup
  • Schedule a delivery

Unfortunately, the delivery is not available yet in Montreal!

I’m totally fine and happy with the pickup service. For me, it’s already a huge time saver! I was so excited to try it!

I will spend at least 30mn at a grocery store on a regular base. It’s without counting the driving time.

To order you have to:

  • Go on and click on the grocery section.
  • Fill in your cart and select the pickup option. To qualify for free pick up, you have to spend a minimum of 50$. It’s doable, but if you are like me and usually shop at a couple of shops, it is annoying! In the same time, I understand that they have to assure a minimum for their service to be cost-effective.
  • The next step will be to schedule your pick up. Walmart gives you the days available and a time frame which is great. I usually schedule between 10, and 11 am.

To pick your order, you have to:

  • Go to Walmart on your scheduled hour.
  • Park in the pickup section.
  • Call the customer service (you can find it just in front of you in the pickup section).
  • Wait for the employee in the parking.

I tried the service a couple of times, and there are more pros than cons.

Walmart Grocery Pickup Review, cons:

-Since it’s a pickup service, there is an employee that is shopping for you. He or she will not do a good job as you to pick up vegetables and fruits carefully. In my last order, I got a “not so fresh” bag of cherries.

Substitution: As you may know, to keep up the lowest prices, Walmart doesn’t keep an extensive inventory. As a consequence, products as often out of stock. If an item that you ordered is out of stock, Walmart offers you a substitution with a product that is equal or higher in price. Also, some items are available for delivery only. When you add them to your cart, you will not be charged for delivery, but you will be unable to get them right away.

-Another downside for me is that I noticed the lack of choice in the meat (red meat, chicken and fish) department in comparison to the store selection!

Walmart Grocery Pickup Review, pros:

-The huge time-saving!

-If you don’t like an item or a substitution, you can give it back right away and have your money back!

-The process itself online is super easy!

-The pickup is super fast. Both times, I waited for 5mn for the employee to came into my parking space.

Overall, I enjoyed the service and will do it again despite the few things that I didn’t like.

Next time, I want to try the Pickup service from Maxi!

My grocery shopping was basic this week: vegetables and fruits. I added 2 Essie nail polishes to my card to get a free pickup. They were on my wishlist for so long and finally got them on sale: 9$ and 10$ for a regular Essie nail polish and an Essie gel couture. Stay tuned for a beauty and home haul! Both articles were sent to me by mail (witch no extra fee)!

My weekly meal plan is:

-Pasta shells stuffed with mushroom, spinach and cheese. (A meal for two days)

-Burgers. (I have frozen burger buns from last week)


-Sweet potatoes with chicken wings.

-Boston salad. Féta and tomato salad.

If you want some meal planning ideas, check out my previous Costco & Walmart haul!




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