Grocery Haul and Meal Planning


I’m back with a Costco & Walmart Haul! This one is a little special because I can finally share my first Costco haul!

I go to Costco every 3 to 4 weeks and usually during the week to avoid the crowd! Oddly enough, I never had the chance to do a haul since my blogs were generally published by the end of the week! Now, that I changed my schedule, everything worked out well!

So, as per usual, I have an 80$ budget for my weekly grocery shopping. And 100$ to 150$ per month for Costco.

I had an order to pick up at Walmart, so I took advantage to do my groceries there.


Walmart 56$ & Bulk Barn 7$ Haul!

As you can see, I got the basics!

Mangos were on sale 3 for 4$! 🙂 Avocado too! I ran out of Vanilla extract, and Walmart carries the cheapest one! The Glysomed hand cream is the best! Very effective! Si, I wanted to give the foot cream a try since my feet are in terrible shape. Intimate hygiene products are less expensive in Walmart than other drugstores.

These last couple of weeks, I hadn’t the best of luck with watermelon! I got two bad once in a row from 2 different places! IGA was having a sale 4$ for a big one, so I made a quick stop to that store.

I also made a stop to Bulk Barn to buy some flour and face soap! I will be having another blog post on five things that I don’t buy anymore: one of them is gel face wash! The flour is also cheaper at Walmart or Maxi than Bulk Barn.


A few days later, I went to Costco and spent 88$ minus 47$ (Costco check)  ;):

Costco haul.jpg
My Costco haul!

I previously wrote an article about the 10 products that I always buy at Costco! Check it out as I explain why in details!

Yes, I got another watermelon because I’m almost running out of the one from Walmart. 🙂

I always buy the big Coconut jar since I use it for all my baking! The sour cream is super inexpensive: 4$ for 2. Natural yogurt is at a good price; you always get more at Costco.

If you are a contact lens wear or own glasses, the Costco Opti Club is excellent. Contact lenses, eyeglasses, and eye exam are way cheaper than in a regular clinic. Worth it!

I made a quick stop at Canadian Tire to get some basket for my new shelf and gas for the barbecue. It wasn’t part of my weekly grocery shopping budget. The baskets were on sale! 🙂

My weekly meal plan:

Chapati Mahdia from last week! I did freeze half of the dough and Chakchouka!

Homemade burgers. I prepared the buns on Sunday and also froze half of them. I left a link to the recipe. It’s super easy, don’t be intimidated!

Chicken wings with spinach/sour cream sauce.

Burghul salad. The burghul is from Tunisia! It’s delicious and of course homemade!


Naan Pizza.

-We will probably be ending up making an omelet for the last week 🙂

Et voila!

Have a great week!



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