My Bralette Collection & The Top 3 Places To Buy Them!

I discovered Bralettes 1 year ago and was pretty late to jump on the trend! I struggled with bras since I was a teenager and never find the perfect bra to suit my petite breast. In this blog, I will be sharing with you My Bralette Collection as well as the three places I like to shop for them.

In the beginning, I wasn’t sure at all about bralettes. Being of a flat chested girl, I thought it would make me look flatter! I discovered that it depends on the style you choose.

For myself, padded or slightly padded bralettes are the best! I don’t need support at all, but cheer bralettes tend to make me look super flat!

On a daily base, bralettes are all that I wear. I have a couple of strapless bras, a nude and a black, from Victoria Secrets, pink that I use for tube tops or dresses. By the way, for reference, I wear a 32A in a regular bra and XS or S in bralette.

My number one place to shop for bralette is Aerie, American Eagle:

Their bralettes are usually around 35CAD to 40CAD. But they often have sales! Usually, I buy mine when a BOGO Sale is on (All their bralettes are actually on sale now). The bralettes are excellent quality! What I like the most about Aerie is that their padded bralettes collection is pretty decent. One of my favourite styles is the Padded Lace Racerback Bralette. It’s super comfortable yet offers support and has a push-up effect which I love. Super pretty under a T-Shirt. The straps are large, so I would not advise you to wear it with a tank top. The two other styles I have are the romantic lace and the Boho Padded Bralettes. I do not recommend the first one if you are a flat chested girl. The cup is a little big for an XS. The second one is cute and comfortable.

My Bralette Collection
Top: Victoria’s Secret Bralette Bottom: Aerie Padded Lace Racerback Bralette

The second place is Victoria’s Secret:

It’s pretty expensive, so I recommend waiting for a sale. I got two colours of the same style on sale for 20$ (for both, tax included) which is a bargain. These bralettes are so pretty under a low V neck because of the lace details! They are also super comfortable.

The third place is Ardene:

I’m not going to sugar coat my words. Ardene is not the place for you if you are looking for high-quality clothing. I worked for them for 18 months when I was at the university. So, I know what I’m talking about. However, they often have cute clothing at a decent price. The pieces you will get will not last you for years, but at the rate, you will pay, it’s correct! The bralettes are cute and totally wearable. I wouldn’t recommend them for other than small breast girls because of their lack of support.

My Bralette Collection
Ardene’s Bralettes



Voila, I hope you enjoyed this article!

If you live in Canada, Enjoy the long weekend!


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