My favorite Oils & Essential Oils!

I’m back with another blog post! 3 Years ago, I decided to switch up my skincare routine for a more natural one! I opted for Oils and Essentials Oils! I always suffered from acne and wanted to try a more natural option to get rid of my skin problems. So, in this blog, I will talk you through my favourite oils and essential oils.

Why did I change for oils and essential oils?

I had acne since I was 13 years old! I went to many dermatologists and tried many pharmaceutical brands. None of them worked. My parents spent a lot of money over the years to help me get rid of my acne. At some point, it was traumatising. My dermatologist, at that time, forced me to do a skin cleaning every six months. It was so painful, a nightmare!

At the age of 19, I switched up dermatologist who prescribed me a hormonal check-up. After the results came in, he decided to put me on the pill, and it changed my skin. Now, be careful, this is my personal experience, and I’m not saying that everybody should get on the pill. You should consult your doctor first. For me, my acne was due to a hormonal imbalance.

I’m still getting some acne from time to time and was left up with a lot of scarring: hyperpigmentation and holes!
Regular skin care was not working for me at all. So I decided to try a natural and cheaper alternative. I started reading blogs and mainly articles about oils and their benefits. After researching, I decided to jump on the bandwagon, and I never regretted it!

What you should know before start using oils and essential oils:

-You need to keep in mind that some oils can be allergenic! So, I advise you to test it on your arms, to see if you get an allergic reaction.
-Essential oils are very concentrated. A minimal amount is needed. So, you should research it before buying. Some of them will be less effective or not suited for external use for example. Also, it’s important to know how it can be used: how much quantity, at what dilution…?

Before I start sharing my favourites, I want to say that I will be mentioning the main skin benefits only of each product. So, I advise you to do your research for more thorough information.

Now let jump right into my favourite oils and how I use them:

  1. My number 1 oil has to be the Argan Oil! It’s versatile, anti-acne and oily skin friendly. It absorbs very well and non-comedogenic at least on my oily skin! This oil is packed with vitamin E and A, linoleic acid and omega 6. It’s moisturizing plus it reduces inflammation and boosts cell production (anti-ageing properties). I use it every night with a few essential oils mixed in! This oil is everything. It’s the only remedy that helped me get rid of my scars! Pure magic! It’s also great for hair. Apply a couple of drops after washing your hair!
  2. Hazelnut oil: This oil is also great for oily skin. It’s full of good fatty acids and vitamins. It hydrates, boosts collagen production, helps reduce scars and hyperpigmentation and protects against sun damage.
  3. Rose Hip Seed Oil: A heating oil stuffed with vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidant. It reduces fine lines, scars and dark spots. It’s also great for acne and eczema!
  4. Coconut oil: This is my holy grail makeup remover. I love it and use it in combination with floral water to remove my makeup. I didn’t buy any makeup remover for three years now! It moisturizes, reduces fine lines, prevent premature ageing and protects from sunburns.
  5. Jojoba oil: Jojoba is excellent for oily skin. It’s lightweight and helps reduce acne. It’s also great for dry feet and hand, psoriasis and eczema. A lovely oil for dry and frizzy hair!
  6. Liquid Vitamin E: Vitamin E helps with premature skin ageing, dark spots, stretch marks and sunburn. It’s also great for damaged hair. Vitamin E is an excellent addition to your oils. I just add a few drops of vitamin E to my Argan oil!
  7. Castor oil: This is an amazing oil. I had a problem previously growing my eyebrows, and Castor oil solved the problem by just favourites a couple of drops to my eyebrows!

I usually alternate between 2 oils (lovely: Argan and Hazelnut) in my night time routine.
Right now, I’m using the Argan oil along with a few essential oils:
Geranium, lemongrass, lemon, grapefruit, tea tree and lavender. I use a dilution chart to prepare my mixture!

My Favorite Oils & Essential Oils

Now let’s talk about essential oils!

I have quite a few in my collection! I use them for my skincare but also for my essential oil diffuser and sometimes in my household products.

  1. Tea tree is my favourite. OMG, it’s a game-changing for acne. I swear your pimple will disappear in 2 days when using this oil! It’s also great for eczema!
  2. Lavender oil is great for acne! I love it smell. It’s incredibly calming when diffused in the essential oil diffuser!
  3. Geranium is fantastic for large pores and wrinkles! I did see a difference in my skin texture.
  4. Lemon oil helps with dark spots and brightens your complexion. I absolutely love this essential oil. It smells wonderful when diffused.
  5. Lemongrass is great for reducing fine lines, wrinkles.
  6. Grapefruit is one of my favorites. It helps with acne, oily skin and cellulite!
  7. A late addition to my collection is Juniper Berry essential oil. I have not tested this one yet, but it helps with acne, eczema and stretch marks.

My Favorite Oils & Essential Oils

You may have noticed that all the oils I mentioned have benefits for acne and anti-ageing. It’s perfectly normal since I have oily/acne prone skin and I’m 29 years old! 🙂 I linked my Pinterest in case you want to check out my pins concerning oils and their benefits. They are really helpful and easy to read! 🙂
Researching is very important so you can select products that suit your skin issues.
Essential oils can be irritating, so is be careful! If you have a medical condition, it’s important to talk to your doctor first!

I hope my post helped you and encouraged you to try some Oils!

If you are a Makeup and Beauty addicted like myself, read my last blog if you want to know what I took with me in My Travel Makeup Bag!



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