5 things you need to try or buy on your trip to Tunisia

Travelling is an exciting pastime but can sometimes be overwhelming. Facing a new country and culture, you tend to adopt a compulsive state wanting to buy everything! I grew up in Tunisia. So I can advise you and share the five things you need to try or purchase on your trip to Tunisia.

Let’s get into context first. Tunisia is a small and beautiful country. You will find different types of landscape in one country: Sahara, Forest, and sea. It’s also well known for its handcrafted food, decoration, jewelry and more.

Food is a big part of every Tunisian family. A lot of products are still homemade or at least handcrafted. I think that’s what makes everything so tasty. Most of the human-made products have no artificial flavours or preservative. Therefore, some of them have a limited life but trust me it’s worth it. On the other hand, some of the products would naturally last a long time like Harissa and spices.

Here are my top 5 things you need to try or buy on your trip to Tunisia:

  • Spices: You need to get spices! One thing you need to know is the faculty of the sun to make everything tastier. Spices, fruits, and vegetables taste a lot better in a sunny environment. Ask your travel guide to take you to a specialized shop, not a regular grocery shop; locals always Know the excellent places! You will find their spices that are handcrafted and dried in the sun.
  • Olive oil: The first thing you will notice discovering Tunisia is the olive tree fields. You will be astonished by its taste. You will find Tunisian Olive oil at Costco too. But it’s better to get it from the source.
  • Silver Sterling Jewelry: I love my silver jewelry! I’m not a big fan of the fashion store’s jewelry. I buy mine once a year when I go to Tunisia. Most of the jewelry stores in each city are located in the Ribbat (The old town). You will for sure visit it during your vacation since it’s one of the main attractions. It’s a great way to have authentic pieces that nobody has at a great price.

rings, silver sterling jewelry Tunisia

  • Pottery: Pottery is a must! There is so much innovation in this field. They are always coming up with new design and patterns. You will find decor pieces as well as dishes and plates. If you are curious, check out my Instagram to see them in action.

Tunisian pottery Tunisia


  • Sweets: You need to get your hands on some traditional sweets. A little warning: first don’t count the calories and second if you are allergic to nuts you better get far from it.

Voila, that was my top 5.

Tunisian straw bag - Tunisia

I want to mention quickly that you can find cute handmade straw bags for the beach or for going out at fantastic prices! It’s really on trend in Canada and Tunisia too. A lot of shops offer customized bags. An excellent opportunity to be original! Also, if you are, like me, a floral water lover, it’s your chance to stock up. Floral water like Rosewater, Geranium water, and Orange Blossom water are still distilled in an old-fashioned way! The quality is terrific, and the price is great!


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