Affordable Summer Shoes Haul

Affordable summer shoes haul
Yellow Shoes Without U 49.99$

I’m back for my vacation and so excited to be blogging again and sharing this Affordable Summer Shoes Haul. I spent a fantastic time with my family and can’t wait to share it in a future blog post.

Let’s jump right into the haul!

I always loved fashion. I’m a believer in an affordable, budget-friendly lifestyle including fashion.

I grew up in an average family. My siblings and I would be allowed to shop once in a while with a limited budget. I always loved thrifting, and it’s a passion that my mother transmitted me.

When I came to Canada, I continued with the same principles.

Footwear is usually expensive even for brands that do not offer leather shoes. A lot of brands in Canada, in my opinion, overprice their products.

Through the years, I tried different stores and here are my top 5 addresses for affordable trendy shoes.

I love this brand. It’s super affordable, plus, it’s Canadian. You will find everything from boots to sandals and sneakers. The pieces are very trendy, and the quality is on point. I bought a pair of boots that lasted me two years. Here are some spring/summer pairs that I purchased this year. I got different styles including sneakers for only 29.99$ (Dreampunch style). I spent 80% of my vacation wearing them, and they are incredibly cute and comfortable. The quality of the shoes is fantastic. This brand is my favourite.

Affordable summer shoes haul - Yellow Shoes Match
Yellow Shoes Match 39.99$

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