Grocery Haul and Meal Planning

Weekly Grocery Haul on a budget & meal plan – 17 to 23 Mar 2018

I was excited for my weekly grocery haul on a budget & meal plan this week! (Check out my last one)

And the reason why is that I didn’t have to buy meat this week too. So I had a small amount of money to dedicate to a movie night snacks for my husband and me.

My budget was as per usual 80$.

As I mentioned before, Maxi’s reward points merged with Shopper’s reward points. Unfortunately, they don’t have a reward program at Super C. For the regular prices; Super C is a little cheaper. But, Maxi had great deals this week including an 88 sale.

Here is what I got:

Weekly Grocery Haul on a budget & meal plan – 17 to 23 Mar 2018

  • Weekly grocery haul on a budget: What I bought in Maxi for a total of 65$:

Juice was only 88 cent this week! So I bought 3, and we did a Rhum and Orange juice cocktail for our date night! I wanted a little treat, so I bought a pack of chips in the organic section. I rarely buy junk food preferring to indulge occasionally! Asparagus was 1.88$!

I will be travelling at the end of March for my best friend wedding. In the meantime, I will also be spending time with my mum and little sister. She is sixteen and loves Nutella. So, I took advantage of the sale and bought her two bottles for 3.88$ each!

The best deal was on the Boursin cheese which French! Usually, it was 5.88 and went down to 3.88$. It was perfect for our date night.

  • Weekly grocery haul on a budget: What I bought in Super C for a total of 5$:

The Iogo Yogurt was 3 for 5$. I bought 3! It seems excessive, but these will last two weeks top. I go through them quickly especially during the winter when fruits are lacking! I add vanilla yogurt to my smoothies and eat after dinner, natural yogurt with strawberries.

  • Weekly grocery haul on a budget: What I bought from Bulk Barn for 10$:

I love this store! My favourite place to buy inexpensive and delicious tea. You will always find coupons online. This week was buy for 10$ and get 3$ off. I stock up on one of our favourite tea which is Oolong Coco and Mango and got some pretzels, sesame crackers, and nuts for our movie night. The total spent was 13$ with a 3$ off!

  • Weekly grocery haul on a budget: My weekly meal plan:

Saturday: Leftover Chili Con Carne

Sunday: My husband didn’t cook the Khleya last week. So, he is going to do it on Sunday. Meal planning isn’t always perfect!

Monday: Cauliflower Gratin.

Tuesday: Salmon with potatoes and asparagus.

Wednesday: Leek Pie with a side of tomato feta salad.

Thursday: Chicken Tacos.

Friday: Creamy Mushroom Pasta.

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