The Ordinary Review & Skincare Routine

I’m very excited to share my The Ordinary review and skincare routine.

I purchased a few items from The Ordinary in December 2017. And I’m about to run out of a couple of them. So, I feel that I can finally share my opinions.

Let’s start at the beginning:

  • My skin type:

I always had oily skin and suffered from acne until my twenties! I still get acne from time to time. My skin has been changing this couple of years. In the winter, I started having bad dry patches around my nose and between my eyebrows.

  • My skincare preferences:

My acne started at 12 yo. She used to take me to the dermatologist twice a year. They did prescribe me many things through the years. And it did cost my parents a lot. I tried a lot of Pharmacy brands, and I have to say that I was always disappointed. I didn’t notice any difference!

So, a couple of years ago, I decided to try some natural remedies. Oils and essential oils are part of my daily skincare. I genuinely believe in these and saw results.

I decided only to use natural skincare products from that moment.

Meanwhile, I discovered The Ordinary scrolling through Instagram.

  • The Ordinary Review: What I liked:

The first thing I noticed and liked is: the products have simple ingredients and are straight to the point. The skincare contains active ingredients without any of those filling ingredients.

The price is affordable too!

  • The Ordinary Review: What I disliked:

The product is named after the active ingredient it contains. The outer and inner packaging does not include any indications about what the product does. So, you have to refer to the website every time.

  • My morning skincare routine:

I use three products in the morning:

1- The Ordinary Buffet Serum first or the Hylamide Booster. This Buffet serum costs 14.80 cad and is supposed to hydrate and target multiple signs of ageing. The Hylamide Booster is a strong moisturizing serum that contains Hyaluronic compounds and costs 20 cad.

I liked both. I felt that my dry patches improved. But it seems that The Buffet serum is interfering with my foundation. It did create a white cast. It’s not the foundation ‘s nor the serum’s fault. Sometimes moisturizers and foundations ingredients are not compatible.

2- The Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution in second. This Vitamine C serum is an antioxidant. It is supposed to brighten and reduce signs of ageing. It costs 12.90 cad. I don’t have fine lines except under my eyes. But I did notice a brightening effect.

3- The final step is The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA. It costs only 7.70 cad which is an incredible price for a moisturizer. I enjoyed it. I felt liked it locked the serums in place and added some moisture. The price is on point!

  • My night time routine:

1- I start with The Ordinary Niacinamide. It’s a serum that reduces the appearance of skin congestion and blemishes. It also balances the activity of sebum and brightens the skin. I think it’s an excellent addition to my routine. Tea Tree essential oil is a must have to treat my occasional blemishes. It costs 5.90 cad.

2- Second, I use the UK 134 0.1%. It’s an antioxidant. It costs 8.90cad. It supposedly increases collagen, minimizes fine lines, reduces age spots and acne. I noticed that my skin was plump and looked healthier!

3- Finally, I apply the natural serum that I made myself with Argan oil, Rose Heep Seed oil, and a few essential oils.

While writing this blog and getting information from The Ordinary website, I did notice that I made a mistake in my routine. They did advice to use Vitamin C in the night and Niacinamide in the morning. They also advise using the EUK serum with the Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA.

I have everything wrong. And this is the annoying point! The packaging has minimum information. And when you buy a few products and use them at the same time, it gets easily confusing. I hate to have to go back to the website each time to be sure that I’m not using the product in the wrong way.

  • Bottom line:

I was pleasantly surprised. The products have great texture and penetrate quickly into the skin which is my biggest issue with some other products. They perform well, but it can be a little overwhelming! When you buy few of them, you will get confused about the outcome of each one. The lack of information in the packaging of the bottle is a turn-off!

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