Grocery Haul and Meal Planning

Weekly Grocery Haul on a budget & meal plan – 9 to 16 Mar 2018

You know how much I love to share my meal plan & weekly grocery haul on a budget!

Having a meal plan is very important to me. Whether you are on a budget or not, I think you will undoubtedly benefit from being organized.

For my part, I have an 80$ weekly budget (including food and home supplies)!

So, as always, I checked my fridge before going shopping. I took advantage of last week sales to stock up on meat (Link to my previous week grocery haul).

I checked my trusty Flipp app for my local flyers! Most of the time, I shop at Maxi and Super C. Sometimes, I will go to Walmart, but it’s a little far from where I live.

This biggest deal this week was at Maxi. Did you know that Maxi joined with Shoppers Drugmart for their reward card! It’s cool because you get points on the same card from both stores. So this week, the deal was: get 4000 points for 20$ of vegetables and fruits.

Since I’m a fruit and vegetable addict, this was a pretty easy task for me! 🙂 I spent a total of 58$ this week!

Weekly Grocery Haul on a budget & meal plan - 9 to 16 Mar 2018
This is what I bought this week!

As you can see, there a couple of things that I can’t live without. And, we go through them quickly!

5 items on my weekly grocery shopping list that I can’t live without:

  1. Eggs: We love eggs. I always buy at least 2 packs. We love to make a savoury pie for dinner, and the main ingredients are eggs and cream. I also like to eat boiled eggs after my boxing class!
  2. Bananas: Winter is a hard time for me! I’m a fruit addict, and in the winter, we have less of choice! So, I always buy a tone of bananas and frozen mangos or berries. Smoothies are part of my everyday routine!
  3. Tomatoes: A tomato salad is my favourite side dish. Especially, feta & tomato salad.
  4. Mushrooms: I use them weekly for savoury pies or a mushroom, spinach pasta.
  5. Cooking cream: I love white sauces and pies. I did stock up on cream last week since it was on a great deal!

I also always have flour. But it’s not a weekly buy since it lasts longer.

I’m a sweets addict and decided a couple of years ago to stop buying cookies. I always liked to bake. So, cakes are also part of my cooking routine. Not a week goes by without me baking! 🙂

This is my weekly meal plan:

  • Chili con carne with rice
  • Tunisian red pasta
  • Klaya which is a Tunisian dish
  • Roasted beef with potatoes and salad
  • Butter Chicken
  • Vegetarian Pizza
  • A mushroom pie with a tomato salad





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