Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Full Coverage Foundation Review

Maybelline Super Stay 24 hours Full Coverage FoundationI’ve been eager to try the Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Full Coverage Foundation for so long! I feel like everybody reviewed it a long time ago.

I haven’t had the best of luck with Maybelline foundations. A couple of years ago, I tried the Fit Me Poreless and didn’t like it at all, even though everybody seems to love it.

My skin used to be very oily in the past. I had acne since I was a teen and struggled with it for a long time. Now, my skin is ok with some breakouts from time to time. I had a lot of scares: hyperpigmentation and holes in my face. My scares are fading thanks to my natural skincare (will be a subject for another blog). But, let’s be real, the little holes on my face are not going to disappear. Maybe I will try to consult with a dermatologist in the future.

So now, I have combination skin.  I have dry patches between my eyebrows and around my nose that come and goes as they please! 🙂

Let’s begin the review:


I have to be honest; I don’t care that much about the packaging and never judge a book by its cover! 🙂  But I have to say that I was pleased that it has a pump in contrary to the Fit Me.


It’s similar in texture to my trusty Rimmel Lasting Finish. It’s easily blendable, but it also sets quickly. So you better work fast!


In general, I have the hardest time choosing the colour of my foundation. I have a yellow undertone and am usually the third or fourth lighter shade. Yellow undertone foundations always seem to be way darker than my skin tone. The perfect example is the L’Oréal Pro Matte Foundation that I love. I have the shade 103 which is the third shade, and it’s too dark! I choose to get the Classic Ivory, and it’s a bit pink!


The finish is full coverage and matte. It’s a fuller coverage than my favourite: Rimmel Lasting Finish. It’s a bit heavy, especially around my mouth and on my cheeks. But I think it’s a good finish for a special occasion. To be frank, heavy foundations tend to show in those areas easily for me. I didn’t have any problem with my dry patches.

Lasting power:

I applied my foundation at 9h in the morning. My first checkup was at 12h, and I was still matte. I prepared lunch and checked again at 13h30, and I noticed it started to get a little shiny on my forehead which is my most oily area. At 15h30, I did my third checkup and I was “shinning, shining, shinning, shinning” like Patricia Bright would say! 😉 I had oil picking through my forehead, my cheeks, and my nose. The good thing is that I didn’t have any separation. The foundation was still on despite the oil.

Price: on sale 11.99$.

My final thoughts on the Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Full Coverage Foundation:

I liked the finish, but for me, the staying power is not great at all. I’m oily, but when you get a matte foundation, you kind of expect a better hold. Don’t get me wrong, it stayed put, but my oil got through. So sadly, I will probably not wear this foundation for more than 4 hours. I will leave it for a special occasion because of its great coverage!


The second time, I tried it with The Ordinary Primer High-Adherence Silicone Primer. I noticed that it extend it for about an hour. The shine was picking through an hour or so later.

The third time, I used the same primer and a different powder, the Rimmel Stay Matte! I noticed a little improvement but not that much!


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