Grocery Haul and Meal Planning

Weekly Grocery Haul on a budget & meal planning – 2 to 9 Mar 2018

This blog post will be on my Weekly Grocery Haul & meal planning!

Grocery hauls are one of my favourites to watch on Youtube. I follow a couple of American YouTubers that are, like myself, passionate about a budget-friendly life. I wish we had more Canadians!

My budget is 80$ weekly including meat and house supplies and 100 to 150$ for Costco (once every 4 to 5 weeks). All the products I bought are shown in the picture below. 😉

Weekly Grocery Haul on a budget
Weekly Grocery Haul on a budget

My Grocery haul:

Here are some few crucial steps that I follow before going grocery shopping!

First step: refer to Flipp for Flyers:

Before every trip to the grocery store, I always check Flipp  (Check out my post on How to grocery shop on a budget) and see what meals I can prepare according to the current sales!

I also consult with my hubby and ask if he wants something in particular.

Second step: do a quick pantry and fridge inventory:

I will quickly go through my pantry and fridge to see what’s left. Usually, I will have a few cans. Regarding fresh produce, by the end of the week, I will have nothing left! This is an important step to minimize the waste of money and food.

Third step: meal planning:

I always write down my meal plan for the week. I also never skip this step. It’s the key to keep focus.

How much did I spend this week?

I spent a total of 85$ this week; 50$ in Super C and 35$ in Maxi. I went 5$ over my budget and will explain why!:)

The meat was at a super high price. I bought, in Super C, a piece of roasted meat 800g/11.50$, 4 chicken breasts 900g/12$, and 800g of frozen wild salmon for 10$. The pasta was only 1$ a package! Bacon was only 3$ in Maxi! Wow!

I know a lot of people are afraid to buy meat in those less expensive groceries, but I never had any problem. I, as well, buy meat from Costco and I am not able to see any quality difference.

My husband recently read an article about how polluted is the water. He also learned that farm fish and way more dangerous than wild fish. So, I decided to pay more attention to that and bought frozen wild salmon. Fresh wild fish is hard to come by!

My 5$ over budget came from the fact that the cooking cream was only 1.99$. A steal, right?! So, I bought one extra! Blackberries were 0.99$ at Maxi. I rarely purchase berries because they are so expensive usually. So, I got myself 3 :). A little splurge.

Here is my meal plan for this week:

Saturday and Sunday: I was supposed to make the roasted beef. But, my husband decided otherwise! He wanted to invite our friend and make Lablebi which is a traditional popular dish in Tunisia using chickpeas. So I froze the beef.

Monday: Cannelloni stuffed with spinach and cheese. A tomato, feta salad. And a yogurt cucumber and lettuce salad.

Tuesday: Salmon with Balsamic sauce with a side of rice.

Wednesday: Red pepper Garlic pasta. Check out my Pinterest; I have a lot of recipes pinned!

Thursday: Oven baked potatoes with tomato, feta salad.

Friday: Fried rice or Macaroni and cheese.

Et voila,

Hope you enjoyed it!




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