Grocery Haul and Meal Planning

Weekly Meal Plan Saturday 24 February to Friday 2 March

Weekly meal plan (1)

As you may already know, meal planning is really important for me. It makes me keep focused during my grocery shopping and saves me quite some money!

I’m not a big fan of red meat. I love to eat a good steak at a nice restaurant. But at home, I usually prefer chicken breast and fish. I also love vegetables and fruits. I easily eat 3 to 5 fruits a day! Growing up, my mum made a point of alternating vegetarian meals and meat.

My husband recently watched a documentary on food and health, he is usually a meat lover but decided to restrain his cravings.

So, now, we eat meat 3 times a week only!

Here are the meals I did this week:

  • Saturday: I prepared a roasted chicken. It was on deal at Super C, 2 for 12$. I froze the second. The asparagus was only 2.25$. I had a leftover homemade hummus, delicious on a toast.
  • Sunday: We ate the leftover chicken and I added a pasta salad.
  • Monday: I tried for the first time to make a mushroom risotto in my Actifry which I absolutely love and recommend! The dish turned out delicious.
  • Tuesday: I made a lemon, honey salmon with potato fries in my Actifry. A side of lettuce, avocado salad with Maggie sauce. The salmon was on deal 7.99$/lb.
  • Wednesday: It was tacos night. Chili chicken tacos.
  • Thursday: Eggplant lasagna with no meat.
  • Friday: A spinach pie with a side of lettuce salad.

Let me know if you would be interested in any of these recipes.

I don’t use a printable meal plan, but you can find some easily on the internet.




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