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How to grocery shop for 80$ a week for 2!


How to grocery shop for 80$ a week for 2

This is my first post ever on my brand new blog! I’m so excited and afraid at the same time. This project was in the back of my head for the longest time. I finally took the first step towards building my own blog!

As Co-founder of, I got the opportunity to write about makeup and share products that I love. This blog will be an occasion to extend my subject lines and share more about my excitement for affordable, good quality products in general. I’m so thrilled to be talking you through everything I’m passionate about, from makeup to grocery shopping, on a budget. I will not omit the details and will go through the hunting process as well as the final bill $!

My first blog will be quick tips on how and what to grocery shop for the week with a limited budget. I usually shop on Friday’s! I’m still figuring out my blog post but I will probably do a grocery haul/deals of the week, plus 7 meals ideas every Friday!

For starters, my weekly budget is between 70 and 80 $ for my husband and I (cleaning supplies included). I also go maybe every month or so to Costco.

I’m pretty much strict with myself. I go straight to the point!

You may already know but I’m an entrepreneur. My husband and I created which is an online beauty store specialized in hard to find makeup and tools in Canada. People are often mistaken about the entrepreneur life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an incredibly rich and rewarding experience but it’s not glamorous like most people think. It’s hard physically and mentally. Being an entrepreneur is, in a certain way, accepting to give up your life for a certain time. And also, accepting to work for free for a long period!

Growing up, my siblings and I had everything we needed. But my mother always functioned with a budget system. Before going grocery shopping, she will make a list, have a look at flyers and stock up on anything she needed when it’s on sale. So I learned from the best!

Enough blathering and let’s begin:

1- The Keyword is Flyers. Flyers are essentials to save money! I recently discovered an App that I’m totally addicted to. It’s called Flipp. What I like about it is that you enter your postal code and it shows you all the flyers in your area. And it also has few other features. I will be dedicating a full blog post about this app.
2- Get inspiration for your meals from your flyers. Being on a budget is not a synonym for deprivation. The key is to wait for the deals. Patience is crucial. Personally, I believe in moderation. So, for example, if I want to splurge on a pizza, I will not buy ice cream. 1 I roll with one junk food at a time and 2 it’s a good way to not get overwhelmed money wise.
3- Meal plan: Make a 7 days meal plan. Right down meals ideas. It doesn’t need to be for a specific day. What I will usually do is right 7 meals and go with the flow regarding what I want to cook that day or what my husband wants to eat. Here is my last week meal plan.
4- Buy only products you need for that week. Restrain yourself to the list you need to achieve your 7 meals. Trust me, it will not only save you money but it will also maybe give you the occasion to buy other things: maybe another piece of fish or whatever you want to splurge on.

Here are some amazing deals for this week starting the 1st of March (if you live in Montreal):
For Maxi:
-Salmon is 7.98$/lb, 2.98$ for 4 Peppers; Avocado is 0.98$ each; Sweet Potatoes 1.28$/lb; Asparagus are 2.48$/lb; Blackberries and strawberries are 2.48$ each; Chopped beef is 2.98$/lb; Chicken breasts are 5.98$/lb; They have a great deal on frozen fish for 5$ a bag; Cooking cream is only 1.97$; Frozen berries are 4$ a bag.
For Super C:
-Bacon is only 2.99$; Chopped beef is 2.49$/lb; Asparagus, blackberry, and mushrooms are 0.98$ each; Spinach is 2 for 3.50$; Wild frozen salmon is 10$ for a bag.
For Shopper Drug Mart:
-Amazing deal on the Summer’s Eve Feminine Care for 6.49$, Maybelline Super Stay Foundation is 15% off.
For Walmart: My favorite concealer Maybelline age rewind is 8.96$.

Thank you so much for reading!


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